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English Grade10- Unit 8. NEW WAYS TO LEARN - KEY - Part 4 Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.

Stress in three-syllable adjectives and verbs:
E'lectric, 'digital, 'relative, 'concentrate, volun’teer ...
Relative clauses: defining and non-defining clauses with 'who', 'that', 'which', and 'whose
Dr. Miller, who is the Head of the Department, will attend the reception.
Some people think that children whose parents allow them to use electronic devices early will have more
advantages in the future.
Words and phrases related to:
- Electronic devices that can help us learn
- Using the Internet to learn English
Digital, smartphones, electronic devices ...

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.
11. The digital medium ____ the students to collaborate with their teachers through video and audio methods.
A. help                                   
B. is helping               
C. has helped             
D. helped

12. With the ____ of technological devices in the classroom, the learning output has become cost effective.
A. aim                                    
B. presence                 
C. benefit                   
D. compliments

13. Students can only use technological devices to complete their work ____ investment on notebooks and books.
A. rather than             
B. instead of              
C. but for                   
D. in case

14. Teachers can use smart board to help engage students by giving them visual tools, ____ can keep the students attentive in the classroom.
A. so                           
B. that                                    
C. which                     
D. such

15. When people think of the technological device in the classroom, the iPad is ____ comes to mind.
A. which                    
B. that                                    
C. what                      
D. it

16. Online learning gives you full flexibility to accomplish your goals ____ you can access and learn anything you want, anytime you want.
A. that                                    
B. because                  
C. so                           
D. which

17. Small studies indicate improvements to active learning and student engagement with content through the use of Twitter ____ requires personal electronic devices for students.
A. it                            
B. who                       
C. which                     
D. what

18. Teachers can also help their students to learn complicated applications on electronic devices as a way of making it easier ____ students to learn and also make the teacher's job easier.
A. with                       
B. to                           
C. by                          
D. for

19. Teachers can tell their students to use mobile apps like "PIAZZA” to access course materials and also to post questions about specific subjects, all ____ can be done in the classroom or outside the classroom.
A. this                                    
B. what                      
C. which                     
D. how

20. Using a projector, teachers can display visual images on smart interactive white boards, ____ improves the learning process.
A. that                                    
B. what                      
C. which                     
D. why

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