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English Grade10- Unit 8. NEW WAYS TO LEARN - KEY - Part 5 Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.

Stress in three-syllable adjectives and verbs:
E'lectric, 'digital, 'relative, 'concentrate, volun’teer ...
Relative clauses: defining and non-defining clauses with 'who', 'that', 'which', and 'whose
Dr. Miller, who is the Head of the Department, will attend the reception.
Some people think that children whose parents allow them to use electronic devices early will have more
advantages in the future.
Words and phrases related to:
- Electronic devices that can help us learn
- Using the Internet to learn English
Digital, smartphones, electronic devices ...

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.
21. Those in ____ of banning laptops in classrooms like to demonstrate how handwritten notes lead to better learning compared to notes taken on a computer.
A. search                    
B. light                       
C. view                       
D. favour
Cụm từ cố định hợp nghĩa
22. Supporters of technology in the classroom say that using laptops, tablets, and cellphones in the classroom keeps students ____.
A. engage                   
B. engages                  
C. engaging                
D. engaged
Tính từ chỉ trạng thái sau động từ 'keep’
23. While some believe digital devices make for greater connections for students, there are also those ____ believe too much time with digital devices disconnects students from face-to-face social activities, family communications, and nature.
A. who                       
B. whom                    
C. which                     
D. whose
Đại từ quan hệ xác định
24. "How do you use the Internet for your science study?" – “____”
A. Searching for information                                     
B. Watching my favorite cartoons
C. Listening to music                                                 
D. Keeping contacts with my professors
Để tìm kiếm thông tin. (đáp lại câu hỏi dùng Internet như thế nào đối với môn khoa học)
25. "Which is more useful for you in class: a laptop or a tablet?" – “____”
A. I prefer a laptop, as I can type more easily.          
B. Nothing to do with that
C. Well, don't mention it.                                          
D. You can never imagine how I like it.
Tôi thích máy tính xách tay hơn vì đánh máy tiện hơn (đáp lại câu hỏi lựa chọn)
26. More and more schools are starting to invest ____ iPads for classrooms, as they see that it can have multiple benefits for learning, even though the investment is quite large.
A. for                         
B. to                           
C. in                           
D. at
Động từ đa thành phần/kết trị invest in
27. Parents and educators are always looking for new learning tools to help students reach their academic potential, and a recent study ____ that a basic laptop could be just such a tool.
A. suggest                  
B. suggests                 
C. suggested              
D. has suggested
Hợp thời + thức (miêu tả kết quả của một nghiên cứu khoa học)
28. When students have laptops, they can type their notes ____ into a document.
A. direct                     
B. directly                  
C. direction                
D. directing
Trạng từ bổ nghĩa cho động từ type (gõ trực tiếp)
29. Students that learn to type efficiently and use basic computer functions such as word processing, email and web browsing have a significant advantage ____ students that have no knowledge of computers.
A. over                       
B. above                     
C. against                   
D. to
Thành phần trong cụm have ... advantage over (có lợi thế hơn)
30. A benefit of sing laptops in the classroom is that they can help students stay ____ and remember school work.
A. organize                 
B. organizing              
C. organized               
D. organization

Tính từ làm bổ tố cho động từ stay thể hiện sự duy trì trạng thái
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