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English Grade10- Unit 8. NEW WAYS TO LEARN - KEY - Part 2 Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.

Stress in three-syllable adjectives and verbs:
E'lectric, 'digital, 'relative, 'concentrate, volun’teer ...
Relative clauses: defining and non-defining clauses with 'who', 'that', 'which', and 'whose
Dr. Miller, who is the Head of the Department, will attend the reception.
Some people think that children whose parents allow them to use electronic devices early will have more
advantages in the future.
Words and phrases related to:
- Electronic devices that can help us learn
- Using the Internet to learn English
Digital, smartphones, electronic devices ...

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.
1. Electronic devices are becoming ____ common in educational environment.
A. increase                 
B. increasing              
C. increasingly           
D. increased

2. In ____ as well as in sciences, students use computers or equivalent devices to do research and write papers.
A. humans                  
B. humankind                        
C. humanity               
D. humanities

3. Students and teachers ____ can benefit from using electronic devices in the classroom, a new study has found.
A. like                                    
B. unlike                     
C. alike                       
D. dislike

4. The study, published in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, has concluded that, used in the right way, tablet PCs can be of ____ great use in this particular educational discipline.
A. a                            
B. an                           
C. the                         
D. no article

5. The research noted that the tablets could provide distractions, since students could access material ____ with their courses.
A. connect                  
B. connected              
C. unconnected          
D. disconnected

6. Technology is an integral part of our society and ____ major contributor towards education.
A. a                            
B. an                           
C. the                         
D. no article

7. If you are a student from this decade, then it is obvious that you have encountered technology, ____ in the form of smartphone or laptop.

A. whether                 
B. either                     
C. neither                   
D. which

8. According to a research study, public schools in the United States provide at least one computer ____ every five students.
A. to                           
B. with                       
C. by                          
D. for

9. According to some researchers, the emphasis in education in the next few years would be ____ the development of student's computer skills.
A. to                           
B. at                           
C. on                          
D. with
10. Language teaching is one area ____ technology has taken over and improved the ways of learning.
A. which                    
B. that                                    
C. where                     
D. when

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