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English Grade10- Unit 7. CULTURAL DIVERSITY  - KEY - Part 11.  Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
Stress in two-syllable words with the same spelling:
'export (n) - ex'port (v). 'decrease (n) - de'crease (v)...
- Comparative and superlative adjectives
The whole matter is further complicated by the fact that they refuse to sit down and negotiate.
It is best to get to know about the culture of the country where you truvel to.
- Articles
We lay food on the altar as we believe that our ancestors will enjoy the meal with us.
We did have a great time in the ancient city of Hoi An.
Words and phrases related to tradition, cultural characteristics and superstitions
belief, superstitious, wedding ceremony...

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
What is cultural diversity? Diversity is nothing more than a difference from the majority. In any culture, there is a majority and many minorities. Culture is a set of norms that set standards for a society of what is acceptable behavior.
In every culture, there are basic standards for social interaction such as personal space distance, eye contact, amount of body language displayed in public, negotiating style, etc. In America, we stand about eighteen inches apart when engaged in normal conversation; prefer very direct eye contact; are pretty demonstrative with body language and negotiate very directly, always asking the other party for their "bottom line”. In other cultures, they may stand closer or farther than we are comfortable, may view direct eye contact as rude, be more or less open to displaying body language and negotiate more indirectly.
In America, many of us have a peculiar habit of assuming that those who differ from our norms are wrong. We tend to view the world from a rather myopic view leading to those outside this country calling us "Ugly Americans".
Cultural diversity makes our country richer by making it a more interesting place in which to live. Just think how boring a meal would be without Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, German, French or Indian food!
Cultural diversity also makes our country stronger and better able to compete in the new global economy. People from diverse cultures bring language skills, new ways of thinking, creative solutions to difficult problems and negotiating skills.
In the past, ethnographers in the United States used to refer to our country as a melting pot where new immigrants would eventually be fully integrated into the American culture. This has obviously not happened so modern researchers have not begun to talk about America as a garden salad where different cultural diversity mixes with the European American culture to form a meal where all of the various ingredients are still readily identifiable.
Cultural diversity makes the United States a much more interesting place in which to live for all of its inhabitants. If we all thought alike imagine how boring the world would be! Thank God for diversity!
1. The best title of the passage could be ____.
A. American Cultural Diversity                                 
B. American Ethical Minorities
C. American Standards                                              
D. America as a Melting Pot

2. The word "norms" in the passage is closest in meaning to ____.
A. examples                           
B. rules                       
C. data                                   
D. models

3. As discussed in the passage, which of the following may NOT be considered polite in American culture?
A. Maintaining direct eye contacts while talking with others
B. Negotiating in a very direct manner
C. Keeping about half a meter away from others in normal conversation
D. Touching others during the conversation with them

4. The word "party" in the passage almost means ____.
A. staff                                   
B. presenter                
C. host                        
D. negotiator

5. The phrase "bottom line" in the passage mostly means ____.
A. the required minimum                                           
B. the most important concern
C. the key point to their success                                
D. the minimum acceptable benefit

6. The word "assuming" in the passage is closest in meaning to ____.
A. thinking                             
B. saying                    
C. arguing                  
D. describing

7. The word "it" in the passage refers to ____.
A. cultural diversity               
B. our country            
C. global economy                 
D. this country

8. Which of the following is not stated as a benefit of having cultural diversity for America?
A. New ways of thinking                                          
B. Negotiating skills
C. Language skills                                                      
D. New styles of arts

9. The author mentions the phrase "melting pot" to ____.
A. describe a misassumption about American culture
B. to explain why Americans prefer to serve garden salad
C. to change Americans' viewpoints on their own culture
D. to advise Americans on how to look at their culture

10. Which of the following best describes the author's attitude throughout the passage?
A. Supportive of cultural diversity
B. Reluctant to accept cultural diversity
C. Underestimating the values of cultural diversity
D. Taking pride in living in a diverse culture

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