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English Grade10- Unit 10. ECOTOURISM - KEY - Part 3
Stress in words of more than three syllables:
Activity, 'ecotourism, electricity, environ'mental ...
Conditional sentences types 1 and 2
You may cause a fire if you make a campfire and then leave it unattended.
These tourists wouldn't come back unless they were treated in a friendly way.
Words and phrases related to the importance, benefits and principles and of ecotourism
sustainable, mass tourism ...

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.
11. The more that we know about a place, our love and admiration grows and inspires us ____ it.
A. to protect               
B. protect                   
C. protecting              
D. protected
Động từ nguyên mẫu làm tân ngữ trực tiếp cho động từ inspire: inspire smb to do smth
12. Unfortunately, many of the travel experiences we take part in ____ into consideration how it affects our planet and the well-being of people.
A. does not take         
B. do not take                        
C. is not taken            
D. are not taken
Động từ chia thời hiện tại thường, ngôi thứ ba số nhiều cho chủ ngữ many of the travel experiences
13. ____, the more we allow for destructive habits that negatively impact the environment.
A. The less sustainable we travel                               
B. The less we travel sustainable

C. The less sustainably we travel                               
D. The less we travel sustainably
So sánh kép chỉ sự tăng tiến song hành (tỉ lệ nghịch)
14. With so many advancements ____ technology, you can easily plan your own trips to various destinations in a short amount of time if a travel consultant isn't a desirable option.
A. of                           
B. to                           
C. on                          
D. in
Giới từ đi với danh từ tạo ra bổ tố chỉ hệ quy chiếu không gian trừu tượng: trong lĩnh vực công nghệ (in technology)
15. As you travel, ____ about others and teach them about your ways of life, you also learn more about yourself than you could imagine.
A. not only you do learn                                            
B. do you learn not only
C. not only do you learn                                            
D. do you not only learn
Đảo ngữ khi trạng từ đưa lên đầu câu
16. Many places have ____ outdoor performances where you can dance and mingle with locals who enjoy sharing stories and meeting tourists.
A. live                                    
B. living                     
C. lived                      
D. lively
Tính từ bổ nghĩa cho danh từ live performance: biểu diễn trực tiếp
17. If you want to feel like you've traveled back in time, you can tap into the feeling, the food, and the atmosphere of past places based on ____ you decide to visit.
A. that                                    
B. what                      
C. which                     
D. where
Liên từ where tạo mệnh đề danh ngữ làm bổ tố cho động từ base on
18. Tourism is changing rapidly as nature, heritage, and recreational destinations become more important, and as conventional tourism is forced to ____ tougher environmental requirements.
A. meet                      
B. impose                   
C. lay                          
D. set
Cụm từ cố định: meet ... requirements (đáp ứng yêu cầu)
19. By increasing local capacity building and employment opportunities, ecotourism is ____ effective vehicle for empowering local communities around the world to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development.
A. a                            
B. an                           
C. the                         
D. no article
Mạo từ không xác định, có tính đến nghĩa chỉ lượng
20. With an emphasis ____ enriching personal experiences and environmental awareness through interpretation, ecotourism promotes greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.
A. to                           
B. in                           
C. on                          
D. at
Giới từ đi với danh từ emphasis on: nhấn mạnh tới
21. Infrastructure ____ to maintain attractive tourism destinations inevitably involves energy and resource consumption, putting added pressure on the local ecosystems.
A. require                   
B. requires                  
C. requiring                
D. required
Phân từ hai rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ thể bị động
22. Many observers feel that hunting is not ecotourism, but it ____ if it met the sustainability criterion.
A. will be                   
B. would be               
C. can be                    
D. must
Câu điều kiện dạng hai
23. If the local people ____ the necessary skills to participate in the eco-tourism industry or interact with foreign tourists, the government may provide job training and education.
A. lack                        
B. lack in                    
C. lack of                   
D. lack for
Động từ lack không có giới từ đi kèm như danh từ lack
24. "Would you like to work in tourism?" – “____”
A. I'm afraid I can't do a lot of travel.                                   
B. The sooner, the better.
C. Not many people think about this that way.                     
D. I'd rather you didn't think so.
Tôi e là tôi không đi lại nhiều được. (ám chỉ là vì thế nên tôi không làm việc trong ngành du lịch được)
25. "What are the major tourist attractions in your city?" – “____”
A. Half of the city has been rebuilt.
B. The more you know about my city, the more you like it.
C. We have a lot of historical buildings and ruins.
D. You should go on a city tour by bus.
Chúng tôi có những toà nhà và các khu tàn tích lịch sử (ám chỉ đó chính là những nơi thu hút khách du lịch của thành phố)
26. Fully aware of its significance, the government of Vietnam ____ ecotourism in its strategy for tourism development to ensure both sustainability and economic benefits.
A. prioritizes              
B. prioritize                
C. have prioritized                 
D. has prioritized
Thời hiện tại hoàn thành diễn đạt kết quả của việc nhận thức được tầm quan trọng của du lịch sinh thái
27. Though ecotourism in Vietnam is at a beginning stage of development, it ____ to grow strongly through support from government and international organizations.
A. expects                  
B. is expected                        
C. has expected          
D. is expecting
Cấu trúc bị động + tường thuật (người ta mong rằng)
28. In recent years, the government of Vietnam has invested ____ improving infrastructure and investigating the floral, faunal, geological, and geomorphological characteristics of national parks.
A. to                           
B. in                           
C. on                          
D. for
Động từ đa thành phần invest in (đầu tư vào đâu đó/ lĩnh vực gì đó)
29. The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC), organized by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), is ____ unique annual conference focused on the advancement of sustainability goals for the tourism industry.
A. a                            
B. an                           
C. the                         
D. no article
Mạo từ không xác định có tính nghĩa số lượng
30. Ecotourism is ____ by its emphasis on conservation, education, traveler responsibility and active community participation.
A. distinguished         
B. distinctive              
C. distinguishing                    
D. distinction

Hợp thể + hợp nghĩa

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