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Exercise 6. Mark the letter A. B. C. or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Exercise 6. Mark the letter A. B. C. or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
51. It is no use ____ a girl that she doesn't need to lose any weight.
A. convince          
B. convincing                
C. to convince               
D. to convincing
52. I have much homework that I ought ____.
A. do                             
B. to doing          
C. doing              
D. to do
53. She did a funny little curtsy which Josh and Silver couldn't help ____ at.
A. laugh              
B. laughing                   
C. to laugh          
D. to laughing
54. We are looking forward ____ out at the weekend.
A. go .                           
B. going              
C. to go               
D. to going
55. You should give up ____ your sister.
A. being bullied   
B. bullied             
C. bullying           
D. to bully
56. She is used ____ to loud music.
A. listen               
B. listening          
C. to listen           
D. to listening
57. I'm in a difficult position. What do you advise me ____?
A. do                             
B. doing              
C. to do               
D. to doing
58. It's a nice day. Does anyone fancy ____ for a walk?
A. having gone    
B. going              
C. to go               
D. went
59. I wish that dog would stop ____. It's driving me mad.
A. bark                
B. barking           
C. being barked             
D. to bark
60. He never says anything that is worth ____ to.
A. listen               
B. listening          
C. to listen           
D. to listening
61. Carol's parents always encouraged her ____ hard at school.
A. being studied            
B. study               
C. studying          
D. to study
62. They promised ____ me ____ for the party.
A. to help prepare
B. to help/preparing      
C. helping/preparing              
D. helping/to prepare
63. All ____ were asked to list all the members of ASEAN that they could think of in a one-minute period.
A. participates     
B. participations  
C. participants               
D. participating
64. We will create a stable, prosperous and highly ____ ASEAN Economic community.
A. compete compete       
B. competition     
C. competitor                
D. competitive
65. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is neither simple nor ____.
A. economy                   
B. economic                  
C. economical               
D. economicany
66. The members meet once a week to develop and adopt proposals on new ____ and legislation.
A. policy              
B. politic              
C. political           
D . politician
67. The children grew up with deep ____ for their parents.
A. respect             
B. respecting                 
C. respectful                  
D. respectability
68. As an ASEAN member, Viet Nam has actively participated in the group's programs and has also created new ____ and cooperation mechanisms.
A. initiatives                  
B. initiates           
C. initiations                 
D. initiators
69. Over the past decade, Viet Nam-ASEAN ____ have been growing fast in all areas, particularly in politics and the economy.
A. relates             
B. relatives           
C. relations                    
D. relationships
70. With a population of over 237 million people, Indonesia is the world's fourth most ____ country.
A. popular           
B. popularly                  
C. populous                  
D. unpopular
71. She apologised ____ waiting so long.
A. for keeping me          
B. for me              
C. for me keeping 
D. to me for
72. Her mother prevented her ____ going out tonight.
A. about              
B. against            
C. at                    
D. from
73. She insisted ____ talking to her lawyer.
A. in                    
B. for                   
C . on                            
D. of
74. He is not good ____ maths. He is incapable ____ calculating.
A. at – of             
B. for – of            
C.on - for             
D. on - of

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