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Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.
Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.
75. The ten stalks of padi represent the hope for an ASEAN comprising all the ten countries in Southeast Asia
                                      A                                             B
bound together in friendly and solidarity.
                             C               D
76. In the Rio Olympics 2016, Vietnamese sports delegation returned home with two medals both from "hero"
                                                                   A                 B                                    C
shooter Hoang Xuan Vinh, ranking the 48th in the final.
77. Viet Nam was the first Indochinese country joining ASEAN, and its move helped end confrontation
                                                                   A                                     B               C
between the Indochinese party and ASEAN.
78. ASEAN was found in Bangkok, Thailand on 8 August 1967 when the five founding members signed the
                      A                                   B                                            C                      D
ASEAN Declaration.
79. Viet Nam has remained committed to ASEAN since it joined in 1995 and the idea of an ASEAN
                          A                       B                                C
Community has increasingly accepted into Viet Nam's political lexicon.
80. Soon after becoming a member, Viet Nam signed the Treaty on the Southeast Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free
                         A                                     B                  
Zone and being one of the founding members of the ASEAN Regional Forum.
                 C                             D
81. ASEAN aims at promoting economic growth, regional peace as well as provide opportunities for its
                    A                         B                      C                          D
82. Being influenced by Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay cultures, Indonesia is a wide diverse nation with
              A                                                                   B                                 C
over 300 ethnic groups.
83. Students from Viet Nam who wish applying for the ASEAN scholarship must be approved by the     
                         A                              B                                                       C
Ministry of Education and Training.
84. Shaping like an elongated S, Viet Nam covers a surface area of 128,000 square miles, making it roughly the
          A                 B                          C                                                            D
size of Italy or, in the U.S., New Mexico.
85. The MPAC is intended allowing the AEC and enhance ASEAN's inner integration with the help of
                                       A                           B                               C
improved infrastructure development.
86. Not everybody prefers study abroad to studying in his or her home country.
                             A       B                   C                        D
87. Nowadays, more and more people are realising what it means to be a part of ASEAN and why it is
                             A                          B                          C
important to join in the association.
88. To participate in sport events, people with disabilities also have a chance to find their lifetime partner.
             A                                               B                                        C                            D

89. I have been listening to your speech, but I am doubting what you are saying. I don't feel that it is a good
                      A                                           B                          C              D
90. John is having a clown birthday party. The clown is appearing. He always loves watching the clown. He     
                    A                                                       B                             C
is looking happy.

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