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English Grade10- Unit 9. PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT - KEY  - Part 10 Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Stress in three-syllable nouns:
confusion, Internet, animal, groundwater ...
Reported speech
"The trees we planted last year have doubled in size."
→ They said that the trees they had planted the year before had doubled in size.
"Use the web search engine to find information."
→ We told him to use the web search engine to find information.
Words and phrases related to environmental impacts and ways to protect the environment
atmosphere, greenhouse effect, ...

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
Those who are concerned with protecting the environment often use the words conservation and preservation. These two terms are often confused and are used to mean the same thing, although differences exist.
Conservation is the sustainable use and management of natural resources including wildlife, water, air, and earth deposits. Natural resources may be renewable or non-renewable. The conservation of renewable resources like trees involves ensuring that they are not consumed faster than they can be replaced. The conservation of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels involves ensuring that sufficient quantities are maintained for future generations to utilise. Conservation of natural resources usually focuses on the needs and interests of human beings, for example the biological, economic, cultural and recreational values such resources have. The rain forest for example, contains a wide range of biodiversity, providing food stocks for local populations and a source of timber and medicines for other countries. Conservationists accept that development is necessary for a better future, but only when the changes take place in ways that are not wasteful. What the conservationist opposes is not the harnessing of nature for mankind's progression, but the fact that all too often the environment comes off the worse for wear.
Preservation, in contrast to conservation, attempts to maintain in their present condition areas of the Earth that are so far untouched by humans. This is due to the concern that mankind is encroaching onto the environment at such a rate that many untamed landscapes are being given over to farming, industry, housing, tourism and other human developments, and that we are losing too much of what is 'natural'. Like conservationists, some preservationists support the protection of nature for purely human-centred reasons. Stronger advocates of preservation however, adopt a less human-centred approach to environmental protection, placing a value on nature that does not relate to the needs and interests of human beings. Deep green ecology argues that ecosystems and individual species should be preserved whatever the cost, regardless of their usefulness to humans, and even if their continued existence would prove harmful to us. This follows from the belief that every living thing has a right to exist and should be preserved.
1. What should be the best title of the passage?
A. Conservation and Preservation                              
B. Conservation or Preservation
C. Conservation, not Preservation                             
D. Conservation for Preservation

2. The word "they" in the passage refers to ____.
A. trees                       
B. renewable resources          
C. natural resources               
 D. deposits

3. According to the passage, conservationists support all of the following EXCEPT that ____.
A. non-renewable resources must be sufficiently saved for future generations
B. renewable resources must not be consumed faster than they can be replaced
C. conservation focuses on the needs and interests of human beings properly
D. any changes can be taken so that humans beings develop for a better future

3. The rain forest is mentioned in the passage as an example of ____.
A. natural tourist attractions
B. sources of medicines for people
C. where local people can find and keep food stocks
D. how natural resources are valuable to humans

5. The word "harnessing" in the passage can be best replaced with ____.
A. exploitation           
B. usage                      
C. consumption                      
D. production

6. The phrase "the worse for wear" in the passage most likely describes a state of being ____.
A. exhausted               
B. worn out                 
C. used up                  
D. run out

7. According to the passage, reservation generally refers to which of the following?
A. that the natural resources exist not for humans' need
B. making sure that no resources are used in a wasteful way
C. saving natural resources for future generations' needs and interests
D. maintaining the untouched areas of the Earth in their current state

8. The word "untamed" in the passage almost means ____.
A. not having been explored                                      
B. having been reconstructed
C. not having been visited                                         
D. having been industrialized

9. The word "advocates" in the passage can be best replaced with ____.
A. fans                                   
B. supporters              
C. holders                   
D. fighters

10. It can be learnt from the passage that both 'conservationists' and 'reservationists' ____.
A. focus on the needs and interests of human beings
B. protect the natural resources for the sake of themselves
C. work to protect the Earth and its biodiversity
D. save all individual species regardless of their values

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