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English Grade10- Unit 7. CULTURAL DIVERSITY  - KEY - Part 5Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.

Stress in two-syllable words with the same spelling:
'export (n) - ex'port (v). 'decrease (n) - de'crease (v)...
- Comparative and superlative adjectives
The whole matter is further complicated by the fact that they refuse to sit down and negotiate.
It is best to get to know about the culture of the country where you truvel to.
- Articles
We lay food on the altar as we believe that our ancestors will enjoy the meal with us.
We did have a great time in the ancient city of Hoi An.
Words and phrases related to tradition, cultural characteristics and superstitions
belief, superstitious, wedding ceremony...

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following sentences.
21. The modern workplace is a mosaic of different ideas, beliefs and opinions, which ____ together create an atmosphere of cultural diversity.
A. being taking          
B. taking                    
C . taken                     
D. having taken

22. For some students being in a diverse school or college can prepare them for the real world, ____ they can take a stance on a subject and be able to voice their opinion from an informed point of view.
A. in that                    
B. that                        
C. at which                 
D. where

23. Most authorities tend ____ that diversity is more beneficial to society than it is harmful.
A. to believe               
B. believe                   
C. believing                
D. believed

24. "Do you have a cultural diversity in your class?" “____”
A. I'm sorry, but I don't see your point in the way you argue.
B. Sure. My classmates come from different areas of our country.
C. I can't understand what my friends talk with their provincial accents.
D. It's very nice to be friends with people of different backgrounds.

25. "Do you think cultural diversity does good to us all?" "____"
A. Actually, I feel very difficult to communicate with people of a different culture.
B. When I travel, I meet a lot of interesting people from different cultures.
C. When you make friend with a foreigner, you are able to know one more culture.
D. Travelling is a part of my business, so I learn much about others' cultures.

26. Understanding and respecting individuals who are different from one's self, ____ racially, socially, ideologically or spiritually, is a natural outcome of understanding the vast diversity of God's creation.
A. either                     
B. neither                   
C. whether                 
D. both

27. The more different cultures work together, ____ essential to avoid problems.
A. the more cultural competency training is              
B. the more culturally competent training is
C. the more cultural competent training is                 
D. the more culturally competency training is

28. Cultural problems can range from miscommunication to actual conflict, all ____ effective worker productivity and performance.
A. endanger               
B. endangers              
C. endangering           
D. endangered

29. Students who attend schools with ____ diverse population can develop an understanding of the perspectives of children from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural, multiethnic environment.
A. a                            
B. an                           
C. the                         
D. no article

30. In a classroom the teacher can structure learning groups that are diverse and devise activities that require each student ____ to the group.
A. to contribute          
B. contribute              
C. contributing           
D. contributed

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