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Exercise 8. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges.
Exercise 8. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges.
91. “It's so stuffy in here." – “____”
A. Do I have to open the window?             
B. Must I open the window?
C. Shall I open the window?                      
D. Would you like to open the window?
92. “Merry Christmas!" – “____”
A. Happy Christmas to you!                       
B. Same for you!
C. The same to you!                                   
D. You are the same!
93. "I will pick you up around 7:30. The movie starts at 8:00." – “____”
A. No, you don't                               
B. OK. See you then.
C. I don't like waiting.                                
D. Thanks, no big deal.
94. "____ going on a picnic this weekend?" - "That's great!"
A. How about                
B. Let's                
C. Why don't we            
D. Would you like
95. "Mr Green had an accident. He's been in hospital for a week.” – “____”
A. How terrific     
B. Oh, is he?                 
C. Poor it.           
D. Poor him.
96. “Do you really think that I should take the job?" – “____ Trust me. Take it. What do you have to lose?”
A. I doubt so.                
B. I don't think so.         
C. I hope so.                  
D. I know so.
97. "Do you fancy a drink?" _ “____”
A. No, everything is OK.                   
B . Oh! Of course not.
C. Sure, let's go and get one.                      
D. Wow! I am so excited.
98. "What are you doing here, Tom? Do you want to join us?" – “____ Please continue. I'm just coming to find my stuff.”
A. Don't mind me.
B. Don't worry.    
C. Not at all.                 
D. Not to mention.
99. "Take the second turning on the left and then go straight ahead until you see the cinema on the right." – “____ Thanks."
A. I agree with you.                 
B. I don't think so.                   
C. I have got that.
D. It makes sense.
100. “Do you mind if I turn on the volume?” – “____”
A. I don't think so.                            
B. I'm sorry, but you have to.
C. No, please go ahead.                   
D. Of course, you can't.
101. "Would you mind if I smoked?” – “____”
A. Don't mention it.       
B. I'd rather you didn't.
C. Mind your head!                
D. You don't want to.
102. “Let's have a pizza.” – “____”
A. It doesn't matter.                 
B. Not at all.                 
C. Not really                  
D. Sure thing!
103. "It's freezing outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this cold front was supposed to pass.” - “Yeah, ____”
A. I agreed with you.               
B. I thought so too.       
C. That's good point.              
D. You are right.
104. "Let's play Scrabble! I'm really good at spelling, too!" - "Oh, yeah? ____”
A. Does that make sense?                           
B. I can't believe in that.
C. I worry about it.                                    
D. We'll see about that!
105. "I'm really excited for Aunt Mary's surprise birthday party this afternoon! Aren't you?" – “____”
A. Oh! I didn't know she was older.            
B. Really? What happened next?
C. Uh-huh! What then?                    
D. Yeah! How old is she?

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