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Exercise 8. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges. 
Exercise 8. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges. 
91. “What does your younger sister look like?” – “____”
A. She likes a secondary student.                   
B. My sister is a university student.
C. She's very kind and hard working.            
D. She's tall and thin with long hair.
92. “Could I leave a message for your manager?” – “____”
A. Sure.          
B. Of course not.                    
C. He's busy now.                  
D. He's off work today.
93. “How often do you have your teeth checked?” – “____”
A. Two months.         
B. Not much.              
C. Rarely.                   
D. They're checked carefully.
94. "Many happy returns!” –“____”
A. Wish you all the best.        
B. Thanks.                  
C. Same to you.                      
D. Not at all.
95. “How long have you learnt Japanese?” – “____”
A. For 2005.                                       
B. I learnt it at my university.
C. Since I was 10.                              
D. It lasted 3 months.
96. "Is it going to rain tomorrow?” – “____”
A. I think not.             
B. I bet.                      
C. Just a moment.                   
D. I don't hope so.
97. "You look very pretty in this dress." – “____”
A. It's so nice of you to say that.                    
B. Yes, it is fairly expensive.
C. I see what you mean.                                 
D. Thanks for your wish.
98. “Huy hasn't finished his assignment, has he?" – “____”
A. Yes, he has. He hasn't finished it yet.                                
B. Yes, he hasn't. He's too lazy.
C. No, he has in spite of being a good student.                      
D. No, he hasn't because of his illness.
99. “When will our factory be expanded?” – “____”
A. It was expanded in 1996.                          
B. It depends on our director's decision.
C. I didn't hear about it.                                  
D. That's good news.
100. “You're late again, Peter.” – “____”
A. It's none of your business.                                                 
B. Only 5 minutes left.
C. I'm sorry. My car was broken this morning.                      
D. I expect not to be fired.
101. “I'm meeting some friends for a meal in town tomorrow. Fancy joining us?” – “____”
A. That's fine.                                                 
B. What's the time now?
C. I am not sure. What time?                          
D. Fine. I won't!
102. "Can you give me some information about the city?” – “____”
A. Great. Thanks very much.                         
B. No. I'm afraid not.
C. I can't help doing it.                                   
D. Certainly.
103. “Excuse me. I have a reservation for tonight.” – “____”
A. Just a moment, please, while I check.                                
B. I liked that one, too.
C. Wonderful! I'd like to hear some of your ideas.                 
D. What's up?
104. "Don't forget. We are invited out to dinner tonight.” – “____”
A. Oh, I almost forgot.                                   
B. It's so unforgettable.
C. OK, I'll try it first.                                      
D. I remember you.
105. Dr. Jonas can see you next Thursday. Do you prefer morning or afternoon?
A. That would be fine.                                                           
B. Morning is best for me.
C. I am looking forward to seeing you.                                  
D. Thank you very much.

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