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Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.
71. She was amazing to find that no one died in the tragic accident yesterday.
               A      B             C                        D

72. His driving ambition was entering one of the top universities in the city.
                 A                      B        C                        D
73. It is particularly interested to explore the mystery of the universe.
          A                         B               C                                D
74. Your success in learning depends on your willing to acquire new knowledge.
                                    A                     B              C           D
75. We haven't made a plan not to travel overseas yet as I'm very busy with my work.
                        A                         B                          C                                           D
76. It was lucky for us that we able to enjoy the concert.
                    A                B         C        D
77. His parents are very sadly to see that Binh doesn't usually do his homework.
                                          A      B                        C           D
78. The factory was refused permit to expand because of lack of money.
                                                 A            B                 C             D
79. It is imperative finish all the practice tests by next week since our teacher will give marks for them.
                    A           B                                      C                     D
80. He is a real coward because of his anxiety encountering with problems.
               A  B                         C                                 D
81. Look at those dark clouds, it is possibly to rain.
               A                       B                C        D
82. In this project, your responsibility is search for information about environmental pollution as much as
                                                A                 B      C                                                                              D
83.Lan is looking forward to return to her country after finishing four-year university in America.
                    A                         B                                             C           D
84. They were entirely confident that everything will go as planned.
                            A            B                                  C               D
85. Having goal to crowned champion, they had practiced ceaselessly and they succeeded.
                                    A                                             B                          C                  D
86. In the peak season, you are advisable booking your accommodation in advance.
                        A                             B             C                                               D
87. It is necessary for you to clean the floor as our mother has done it already.
                   A              B        C                     D
88. We only have 5 minutes left, Peter. There's no need dressing up.
                        A                     B                             C             D
89. Unless you keep a map, you're sure get lost in the city.
         A                           B                            C    D
90. This adventure game is not suitable for children not to play because they're too small.
                        A                             B                               C                                   D

(Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 có đáp án Unit 3 - Phần 6)

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- Bước 1: Soạn tin: HS 35057 gửi  8785

- Bước 2: Sau khi nhận được mã, bạn nhập mã vào khung bên dưới và bấm vào nút xác nhận.

- Bước 3: Bấm vào nút Xem bài để xem đáp án

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