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Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
51. I ____ English for five years. I study it at school.
A. have been learning            
B. have learnt             
C. learnt                      
D. am learning
52. You can have your book back now. I ____ it.
A. have been reading             
B. have read               
C. had read                 
D. read
53. You look upset. ____ you ____?
A. Are – crying          
B. Do - cry                 
C. Have - been crying                        
D. Have - cried
54. How many times ____ you ____ that international conference?
A. did – attend            
B. do - attend              
C. have - been attending                     
D. have - attended
55. I ____ for my math textbook all day, but I ____ it yet.
A. have been looking/haven't found                           
B. have looked/haven't found
C. have been looking/haven't been finding                
D. have looked/haven't been finding
56. Mum ____ all morning. She ____ lots of Christmas presents.
A. has shopped/has bought                                        
B. has been shopping/has bought
C. has been shopping/has been buying                      
D. has shopped/has been buying
57. Kevin ____ his homework, but he ____ it yet.
A. has been doing/hasn't been finishing                     
B. has done/hasn't finished
C. has been doing/hasn't finished                               
D. has done/hasn't been finishing
58. Pete ____ at Midfield Secondary School since 2006, but he ____ music in his lessons twice.
A. has been teaching/has only played                        
B. has been teaching/has only been playing
C. has taught/has only been playing                           
D. has taught/has only played
59. I ____ the biography of Robbie Williams, but I'm on page 50.
A. have read               
B. have been reading              
C. had read                 
D. was reading
60. Jimmy can go out when he ____ for the exam.
A. has been studying              
B. has been studied                
C. has studied                         
D. studied
61.I ____ the latest Harry Potter book all day. I'm dying to know what happens in the end!
A. am reading             
B. have been reading              
C. have read                           
D. had read
62. So far I ____ any of the exams at school.
A. haven't been failing           
B. hadn't failed           
C. didn't fail                            
D. haven't failed
63. We ____ our classroom for the upcoming Teachers' Day, but there's still a lot to do.
A. are decorating        
B. decorated               
C. have been decorating         
D. have decorated
64. Margaret ____ in the school marathon for charity before.
A. has never run         
B. never runs              
C. never ran                 D. has never been running
65. My brother graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology last month and ____ for a job since then.
A. has been looking               
B. has looked             
C. was looking                       
D. had looked
66. Tim ____ for the scholarship to study abroad in the USA at least twice.
A. applied                   
B. is applying             
C. has been applying                          
D. has applied
67. All the students ____ for their academic transcripts all this week, but they ____ them yet.
A. have waited/haven't received                                 
B. have been waiting/haven't received
C. have waited/haven't been receiving                       
D. have been waiting/haven't been receiving
68. I ____ for the information about the differences between further education and higher education all this morning.
A. had searched          
B. have been searched            
C. have been searching          
D. have searched
69. It's the first time you ____ an online course, isn't it?
A. had ever taken       
B. have ever been taking        
C. ever took                
D. have ever taken
70. The teacher ____ the speaking task on the board, so now the students are discussing it.
A. has already been writing                                        
B. has already written
C. already wrote                                                         
D. had already written
71. Sandy ____ his sister since she ____ to university in 2014.
A. hadn't seen/went                                                    
B. hasn't been seeing/went
C. didn't see/has gone                                                 
D. hasn't seen/went
72. They ____ to Spain for an educational exchange and won't be back until the end of this month.
A. have gone              
B. went                       
C. have been going                            
D. is going
73. Poor Tracy! She ____ that essay for hours now and she still ____.
A. has written/hasn't finished                                     
B. has been writing/didn't finish
C. has been writing/hasn't finished                             
D. has written/hasn't been finishing
74. Tom and Mary are still discussing the math exercise with each other because they ____ how to do it.
A. aren't working out                                                 
B. haven't worked out
C. haven't been working out                                      
D. didn't work out
75. I ____ reading a wonderful book about space travel.
A. just finish               
B. just do finish          
C. have just finished               
D. have just been finishing
76. As a rule, you shouldn't argue with your hosts unless they ____ something openly offensive.
A. had said                 
B. have been saying               
C. have said                
D. would say
77. Noah Webster an American Dictionary of the English Language in two volumes in 1828, and since then it ____ the recognised authority for usage in the United States.
A. published/became                                                  
B. has published/has become
C. published/was becoming                                       
D. published/has become
78. She ____ of great help to us because she ____ for such a long time with us.
A. has been/had lived             
B. has been/has been living    
C. has been/lived        
D. was/has lived
79. I ____ the book yet so I can't tell you what happens.
A. haven't finished     
B. haven't been finishing        
C. didn't finish            
D. hadn't finished
80. Peter has been a junior clerk for three years. Lately he ____ for a better post but so far he ____ anything.
A. looks/hasn't found                                                 
B. have looked/haven't found
C. has been looking/hasn't found                               
D. has looked/hasn't found

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