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Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges. Two friends Nam and Lan are talking about the topic of global warming.
Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges. Two friends Nam and Lan are talking about the topic of global warming.
91. Nam: What are the main threats to the environment today?
      Lan: ____
A. Threats are possible dangers to the environment.
B. Probably deforestation and global warming.
C. Environmental pollution is a big issue for our planet
D. We need a clean environment to live in.
92. Lan: How can ordinary people help protect the environment?
      Nam: ____
A. What can ordinary people do to help the environment?
B. Environment really needs our help.
C. We may use environmentally-friendly products.
D. Both governments and individuals are to blame on.
93. Nam: Do you do anything to protect the environment?
      Lan: ____
A. I refuse to use plastic bags and try to recycle as much as possible.
B. I use a lot of plastic bags and containers to save the environment.
C. I'm not interested in the subject of environment.
D. I don't want to change my lifestyle.
94. Lan: What solution to air pollution can you suggest?
      Nam: ____
A. Air pollution is really serious these days.
B. Smoke from factory chimneys pollutes the air.
C. Air pollution causes acid rain.
D. People should use public means of transport.
95. Nam: What is the biggest environmental problem facing our country?
      Lan: ____
A. Too much toxic sewage is dumped at sea.
B. All countries face environmental problems.
C. No one can help protect the environment.
D. Our country is facing the biggest environmental problem.
96. Nam: Is global warming a problem in our country?
      Lan: ____
A. Global warming is getting more and more serious.
B. Governments are closely working together to solve environmental problems.
C. Global warming causes sea level to rise.
D. Probably. The temperatures are getting hotter year by year in the area.
97. Nam: What causes global warming?
      Lan: ____
A. Changes in weather patterns resulting from global warming.
B. Too much carbon dioxide being trapped in the atmosphere.
C. Catastrophic consequences of global warming.
D. Common global warming consequences.
98. Nam: What are the consequences of global warming?
      Lan: ____
A. Global warming causes many consequences.
B. Consequences of global warming is catastrophic.
C. Icebergs melt and low-lying areas are flooded.
D. More trees are being cut down.
99. Nam: Why is global warming a problem?
      Lan: ____
A. People find it difficult to adapt to the changes in the weather patterns.
B. Global warming can benefit people in certain areas.
C. There's no need to worry about global warming.
D. Global warming is a very interesting topic for presentation.
100. Nam: What are global warming gases?
        Lan: ____
A. Global warming gases are mainly man-made.
B. Global warming gases are everywhere.
C. The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing.
D. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane.
101.Lan: What can government do to punish factories that violate environmental law?
       Nam: ____
A. So many of them are polluting the environment.
B. Yes, I think a big fine would be relevant.
C. They may force those factories to close down.
D. There are no factories in this region.
102. Lan : Who has to suffer global warming effects the most?
        Nam: ____
A. What are global warming effects?
B. Maybe poor people in low-lying areas.
C. All people suffer from global warming.
D. Only few people benefit from global warming.
103. Lan: How can we help to fight deforestation?
        Nam: ____
A. We may recycle paper and buy recycled paper products.
B. We may cut down trees at an alarming rate.
C. We should only cut branches of big trees.
D. We should set up animal ranches near forests.
104. Nam: What will happen if the low-lying areas are flooded?
        Lan: ____
A. Low-lying areas are often flooded.
B. Flood happens when water level rises.
C. Low-lying areas can never be flooded.
D. People in these regions will have to face a lot of problems.
105. Lan: What do you do to help the environment?
        Nam: ____
A. It is the responsibility of the government.
B. I try to recycle more and reduce carbon footprint.
C. Everyone can protect the environment.
D. Environment helps people live comfortably.

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