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Exercise 8. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges. 
Exercise 8. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges. 
91. - "Shall we join the Green Summer Camp after the semester finishes?”
      - “____”
A. That's a great idea!             
B. They're very good!    
C. Not at all!                 
D. No, let's!
92. “Thanks for your support for our campaign!" – “____”
A. I don't bother. 
B. That'll be fine for me.          
C. It's my pleasure.                  
D. That's a nuisance.
93. "Why don't we send them some textbooks, newspapers and picture books?" – “____”
A. Great idea! What meaningful gifts!                  
B. No, they are not available.
C. We're sorry to hear this.                                  
D. You should agree with us.
94. “As far as I know, doing charity work is a really helpful thing for everyone in the society." – “____”
A. That sounds great.                                          
B. I couldn't agree with you more.
C. I'll take part in this campaign.                         
D. That's fine for me.

95 "If I were you, I would collect this waste paper for a charity activity at school." – “____”
A. I guess I should.        
B. It doesn't matter.                 
C. I don't agree.   
D. It's a waste of money
96. "Guess what? I've been recruited to be a member of Green Dream Volunteer Group." – “____”
A. Good luck next time!                              
B. It doesn't make sense to me.
C. That's the least thing I could do for you.                   
D. That's great! Congratulations!
97. "Mom, may I go away to Quang Binh at the weekends to help the unlucky people there?" – “____”
A. Never mind. Your first priority is to study.        
B. No way, you've run out of time.
C. No, of course, I won't.                                     
D. Yes, of course. That's a good thing to do.
98. “____” - “No, that would be fine."
A. Are you writing your essay on how to help the disabled?
B. Could you allow me to read your essay on how to help the disabled?
C. Do you mind if I have a look at your essay on how to help the disabled?
D. Would you correct your essay on how to help the disabled?
99. “Oh, this suitcase is really heavy, and my back is killing me!" – “____”
A. I sometimes have a backache.                          
B. Oh, thanks for your help.
C. It's very good of you to do that.                       
D. Shall I carry it for you?
100. “Let's join hands to help the lonely elderly in our neighbourhood!” – “____”
A. By all means, we can't.                                    
B. It's true for now.
C. You're welcome!                                              
D. Yes, let's plan on it.
101. "What a charitable deed you have, Mary!" – “____”
A. I don't like your sayings.                                  
B. It's nice of you to say so.
C. You are a liar.                                       
D. Thank you very much, I'm afraid.
102." Can you tell me the way to Hoa Binh Orphanage?" – “____”
A. It's about two kilometres.                                 
B. It opens at nine o'clock.
C. Go straight and turn to the first left.                 
D. You can walk or go there by taxi.
103. "Can students from other schools join “Special Christmas Gifts” campaign, Maria?" - "____”
A. Great idea! What a meaningful gift!
B. Oh, how can they lend us a hand?
C. It is very kind of you to say so.
D. Sure, a few other schools have already joined us.
104. "How often do you visit the nursing home for the elderly?" – “____”
A. Every two weeks.                          
B. From that bus stop over there.
C. Much often.                        
D. Twice or three times.
105. "Would you mind helping me with the heavy boxes?" – “____”
A. My Gosh!                  
B. Not at all.                 
C. What a pity!              
D. Yes, I would

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