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Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
51. Last Sunday, the Youth Union ____ a campaign to help students with disabilities.
A. has launched            
B. launched                   
C. was launched            
D. was launching
52. Recently, a gang of enterprising New Zealanders ____ an incredible scheme to raise awareness of depression and mental health issues.
A. has introduced          
B. had introduced                   
C. introduced                
D. was introduced
53. Last Sunday, Texas-based game-fans The Speed Gamers ____ in a charity activity to donate money to relief organisations.
A. have participated                
B. participated     
C. had participated                 
D. were participating
54. The Real Life Super Hero Project is a gathering of men and women who ____ forces to better their community.
A. have joined      
B. are joining                
C. will join           
D. are joined
55. The famous physicist Albert Einstein ____ for a $1 to $5 donation before scribbling his name on a piece of parchment, and ____every cent to various charities.
A. asked/donated 
B. had asked/donated             
C. has asked/donated              
D. asked/donating
56. Former special education teacher Ashman, 74, involved in fundraising 20 years ago.
A. got                  
B. has got            
C. had got           
D. has been getting
57. When his mum ____, he ____ that, as well as enjoying doing it, he ____ to give something back to the Dorothy House Hospice Care.
A had died decided/has wanted                  
B. died/has decided/has wanted
C. died/decided/wanted                    
D. died/decided/had wanted
58. This year, so far, we ____ £ 16,000 and are still counting.
A. are raising                
B. have been raised                 
C. have raised               
D. raised
59. Hughes, 26, a sports therapist, ____ 53 marathons in 53 days in 53 different UK cities.
A. completed                 
B. had completed          
C. would complete                  
D. was complete
60. My plan ____ to raise awareness, especially for young people, of the importance of keeping fit for the past two months.
A. are                  
B. has been                   
C. have been                 
D. was
61. I'm a keen golfer and I ____ three golfing days that ____ £6,000, £8,000 and £5,000 last year.
A. organised/raised                          
B. were organising/raised       
C. have organised/raised                  
D. organised/have raised
62. I ____ to help students at a special school twice since I finished grade 11.
A. have volunteered                 
B. had volunteered            
C. was volunteering                
D. volunteered
63. It is now over seventy years since Lindbergh ____ across the Atlantic.
A. has been flying          
B. flew                 
C. had flown                 
D. has flown
64. Since every penny of the grant ____ spent on equipment, we started looking for volunteers to do the cleaning.
A. had been         
B. would have been                 
C. have been                 
D. was
65. - When will Mary be able to leave hospital?
      - Don't be so impatient. We cannot release her before we ____ the last test.
A. have completed         
B. will have completed   
C. will complete             
D. completed
66. You should try to follow the lecture without asking questions unless you ____ something important.
A. would miss      
B. will miss          
C. had missed                
D. have missed
67. Although at that time my knowledge of German was very poor, I ____ most of what they said about how to help people with mental disorders.
A. understood                
B. have understood                 
C. had understood                  
D. didn't understand
68. One thing should be made quite clear: there can't be any last-minute changes once the programme ____ approved by all the people involved.
A. will be              
B. will have been           
C. has been          
D. had been
69. Although he was on the whole very suspicious of the project, Mr Adams ____ to cooperate.
A. didn't promise           
B. promised                   
C. has promised            
D. hasn't promised
70. Even though Lady Sarah was totally opposed to the project, she ____ that it would increase job opportunities for the local people.
A. had agreed               
B. agreed             
C. was agreed               
D. would agree.
71. When he ____ ten years old. Louis Braille ____ the National Institute for the Blind in Paris.
A. was/entered               
B. was/was entering                
C. was/was entered                 
D. was/would enter

72. "How many aid packages ____ so far?” - "Ten”.
A. do you prepare
B. did you prepare        
C. have you prepared              
D. had you prepared
73. In over ten years, he ____ more than 100 bicycles to needy students in Central Viet Nam.
A. gave                
B. has given                  
C. has been given          
D. has been giving
74. Tan ____ the idea of giving sweaters and warm clothes to the poor just a couple of weeks ago, shortly after the beginning of the rainy season.
A. came up with   
B. comes up with
C. has come up with               
D. was coming up with
75. In the past, health care in some rural areas of this country ____ by only a small number of doctors and nurses.
A. is provided                
B. provided                   
C. provides          
D. was provided
76. Never ____ more people ____ in charity work than now.
A. do/participate  
B. did/participate
C. have/participated                
D. had/participated
77. Neither Phillips nor his brothers ____ to school because their father teaches them at home.
A. have never been                  
B. has ever been   
C. have ever been 
D. ever went
78. Not until we the school for children with disabilities ____ how they overcome difficulties.
A. had visited/did we know                         
B. visited/had we known
C. visited/did we know                      
D. have visited/did we know
79. The boy ____ across the narrow canal in ten minutes to find himself out of danger.
A. swum               
B. was swum                 
C. swam              
D. had swam
80. A group of young Vietnamese in the north-central province of Nghe An ____ a free bread box dedicated to poor blue-collar workers.
A. have set up                
B. sets up             
C. had set up                 
D. have been setting upLiên quan
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