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EngLish Grade 11: Unit 2. RELATIONSHIP

Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 
Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
51. What's the matter? You look ____.
A. happily                  
B. sadly                      
C. unhappy                 
D. unhappily
52. I have been very ____ up to this point, but I am going to lose my temper if you don't find my baggage immediately.
A. impatiently
B. impatient                
C. patient                    
D. patiently
53. You seem more ____ now.
A. relaxed                   
B. relax                       
C. relaxing                  
D. relaxingly
54. These watermelons were ____ sweet.
A. excepting               
B. exception               
C. exceptional            
D. exceptionally
55. The cake tastes ____.
A. good                      
B. goodly                   
C. well                        
D. badly
56. That kitten's fur ____ so soft.
A. looks                      
B. sounds                   
C. smells                     
D. tastes
57. The waves crashed on the shore where they ____ cool on my hot feet.
A. appeared                
B. felt                         
C. looked                    
D. sounded
58. The milk went ____ within seven days from opening.
A. bad                                    
B. badly                      
C. best                        
D. well
59. You can't blame an automaker for wanting to design a car that looks ____, even if it doesn't have what it takes under the hood.
A. fast                        
B. fastly                      
C. quick                      
D. quickly
60. My darling, you looked ____ in that dress.
A. beauty                    
B. beautify                  
C. beautiful                 
D. beautifully
61. She looked ____ around for a weapon.
A. desperate               
B. desperating            
C. desperately             
D. desperation
62. Nicole grew ____ from the hours of overtime at work. It became quite ____ that she needed a long vacation.
A. tired/obvious          
B. tired/obviously       
C. tiredly/obvious                   
D. tiredly/obviously
63. The young girl sing ____.
A. amazing good        
B. amazing well         
C. amazingly good     
D. amazingly well
64. She said she would become a ____ singer ____.
A. famous/quick         
B. famous/quickly      
C. famously/quick                  
D. famously/quickly
65. The skies became ____ as the moon moved between the Earth and the Sun.
A. surprising dark       
B. surprising darkly    
C. surprisingly dark                
D. surprisingly darkly
66. Although my best friend now lives in Da Nang, we still try to keep in touch ____ each other.
A. for                          
B. on                          
C. up to                      
D. with
67. They said it was a great chance to form new friendships and enjoy each other's ____.
A. companion             
B. companionable                  
C. companionship                  
D. company
68. Terry has been carrying a torch for Liz for years, but she seems not ____.
A. been noticed          
B. notice                     
C. noticing                  
D. to notice
69. Many parents are worried that their children will get involved ____ a romantic relationship in their teenage years.
A. for                          
B. in                           
C. on                          
D. with
70. Some people are meant to fall in love ____ each other but not meant to be together.
A. for                          
B. in                           
C. on                          
D. with
71. Healthy relationships allow both partners to feel supported and connected but still feel ____.
A. dependence           
B. dependent              
C. depending              
D. independent
72. Warmth, ____, and understanding should cost nothing in any country.
A. sympathy               
B. sympathetic                        
C. sympathise             
D. sympathising
73. Talking to professional counsellors who are trained to help people to process feelings, can be most ____.
A. beneficial               
B. beneficially                        
C. beneficiary             
D. benefit
74. If you have feeling for someone, then you have worked up the ____ to ask them out.
A. encourage              
B. encouragement                  
C. courage                  
D. courageous

EngLish Grade 11:Unit 2. RELATIONSHIP
(Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 có đáp án Unit 2 - Phần 5)

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