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(Sangkiengiaovien.com) I. OBJECTIVES:
 After finishing the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Make and respond to introduce.
- Scan for special information.
- Know the way to realize some things through the listening.
Grammar:     - The simple past ( review )
Vocabulary :  - church (n)          - industrial (adj)

1.Find it in English:
- Hồ Tây
-văn Miếu
 -cầu nguyện
- sự thân thiện
-nhà thờ Hồi giáo.
2. Supply the correct verbs :
a/ I used (live ) in the countryside.
b/ He is used to ( talk) in class.
c) My sister (use ) this paper to write a letter
* Check exercise 1 page 5 ( ex.book)
*“Introduce myself
- My name’s Lan.
- I am 15 years old
- There are three members in my family.
- I like reading books and watching TV in  my free time.
- Her  name’s Lan
- She is 15 years old
- There are three members in her family.
- She likes reading books and watching TV in
 her free time.
* New words :
-Industrial ( adj ) : ( translate): công nghiệp
- Church ( n) ( picture ) : chuøa
         ( modeling sentence)

 2:  Put the dialogue in the correct order and
 copy it into your exercise book:

-  Now you are talking to Maryam’s  friends
Introduce yourself.
1. Answer:
1 – c– 5– b– 4– d– 2– e– 3– a– 6
2.Making the dialogue :
 A: Are you Paul?
 B. That’s right .I am
 A. Very nice to meet you. Let me
 introduce myself. My name’s Tuan. I am 15
 years old
 B. Me too. Do you live in HN?
 A. Yes, I do. Is it the first time you have
been to HN?
 B.Yes, it is the first time. HN is a very  nice   city.
People here are very friendly and very hospitable.
 A. Where do you live in England? Do you
live in a city?
 B. I live in Liverpool. It is an industrial city
in the North of England. Have you ever been there?
 A. No, I hope I will be able to go there  next summer.
   ” who does what”
-         She likes VN people,
-         She lives in a busy big city
-         She’s  from Tokyo
-         Who is she?  ( she is Yoko)

* Chatting :( hang six pictures on the board )
 - What is the difference between picture1
 and 2  in a?  ( In picture 1, we aren’t allowed
 to walk on grass. In picture 2, we aren’t allowed to pick  flowers)

 - What is the difference between picture 1
 and 2 in b? ( In picture 1, the bus is red and
its number is 103. In picture 2,the bus is blue and its number  is 130)
- What is the difference between picture 1
 and 2  in c?  ( In picture 1, it is the Mexican restaurant. In picture 2, it is the American
one : hamburgers).
 * Guessing :  True/ false statements:
1. Tim and Carlo walk in the park.
2. They will catch the bus having number 130.
3. Tim asked Carlo not to walk on the grass.
         ( open the tape )
a) 1            b) 2                   c) 2
 * Correct the guessing
1. T           2. F       3. T
                 Mapped Dialogue
 - Lan: Are you free, Mary? I want to take you
Thang Loi park.
- Mary: Oh, yes. I really like walking in the park.
 - Lan: Be careful. You’re walking on the grass . you will kill the grass.
 - Mary: Oh, sorry. I didn’t see the sign.
-Learn new words and the dialogue by heart.
- Do exercises 2,3  4 pages 6- 8 in ex. book
* Questions
1.Do you know about Malaysia ?
2.How many populations are there in Malaysia ?


I/Objectives:By the end of the lesson, students will be able to make and repond to introdution
II/ Language contents:
             -Vocabulary: - verbs: depend , impress, divide, mosque, pray, separate.
                                    - Adjectives: compulsory ethinic, offcical….
                                    - Nouns: Buddhism, federation, ghost, puppet, religion, soil,
            -  Grammar structure:  - The past simple
                                                   - The past simple with WISH
III/Teaching methods and techniques:
-         Matching, Gap fill, Predict dialogue, answer the question .
IV/Teaching aids: text-book, , picture cards, word cues, worksheets.
1 Check up:  Chatting: .
                              Do you have any pen pal?
                              Where  do he / she live ?
                              Has she / he ever visited your city ?
                              What activities would do you during the visit ?
2 Warm up      Pelmanism:
( Divde Ss into two teams and ask them to choose two numbers . turn over the cards and see if they match correct  ( TokyoJapan)

(1) Tokyo
(2) Perth
(3) Liverpool
(4) Bombay
(5) HoiAn
(a) Austrlia
(b) VietNam
(c) Australia
(d) England
(e) India

·        Answer:
1..Hello. You must  be Maryam.
c) That’s right,  I’m.
5. Pleased to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Nga.
b) Pleased to meet you, Nga. Are you one of Lan’s classmates?.
4. Yes, I’m. Are you enjoying your staying Viet nam ?
d) Oh yes, very much. Vietnamese people are very friendly and Hanoi is a very interesting city.
2. Do you live in a city, too ?
e) Yes, I live in Kuala Lumpur. Have you been there ?
3. No. Is it very different from Hanoi ?
a) The two cities are the same in some ways.
* Teacher plays the role of A. Students play the role of B. Reverse roles.
- Set the scene:
“ You are talking to Maryam’s friend. Introduce yourself.”
-         Ask Ss to take turn to be one of Maryam’s friends and practise.
Exercise 1:
A: hello. You must be Yoko.
B: That’s right I am.
A: Are you enjoying your stay in Hue?
B: Oh yes. Very much. I like Vietnamese people and I love old cities in Vietnam.
A: Do you like in the city , too?
B: Yes, I live in Tokyo. Have you been there?
A: No. What is it like?
B: It’s a busy big capital city. It’s very different from Hue.
A: I see.
Exercise 2:
A:Hello you must be Paul.
B: That’s right, I’m.
A: Pleased to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Le.
B: Pleased to meet you, Le.
A: Are you enjoying your stay in Viet Nam?
B: Yes very much. I love the people, the food, and the beachs in Viet Nam.
A: Do you live in a city, too ?
B:Yes, I live in Liverpool in England. Have you been there?
A: No. What’s it like ?
B: It’s a industrial city, in the North of England.
A: I see.
Exercise 3:
A:Hello. you must be Jane.
B: That’s right, I’m.
A: Pleased to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Ha.
B: Pleased to meet you, Ha.
A: Are you enjoying your stay in Viet Nam?
B: Oh yes, very much. I love the temples, and churches in Viet Nam and I love ao dai.
A: What about the food ?
B:I love Vietnames food,especially nem
A: Do you live in the city?
B: No. I live in Perth in Australia. Have you been there?
A:  I’m afraid not. What’s it like ?
B: It’s a quiet small town.
A: I see.

-         Ask students to copy on dialogue they like into their notebook.
-         Learn vocabulary and model sentences.
-         Prepare section: Listen  and language focus :
( The past simple : page 11. 12)

(The past simple with WISH page : 12).
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