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Đề trắc nghiệm ôn thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh có đáp án  số 3 (Dành cho luyện thi vào lớp 10)
Make letter A, B, C or D to indicate the part that is incorrect.

Câu 1: Do you phone me as soon as he comes back?
A. Do                             
B. he comes                  
C. soon                          
D. me
Câu 2: Geting to the countryside is an interesting journey.
A. is                                
B. an                              
C. getting                      
D. interesting
Câu 3: The boy does not only speaks German fluently but also knows English well.
A. does not only         
B. knows                      
C. speaks                      
D. but
Câu 4: Despite work hard, he can’t support his large family.
A. hard                          
B. working                   
C. his                             
D. can’t
Câu 5: They gave us a lot of information, most of that was useless.
A. most                         
B. a lot of                     
C. that                            
D. useless
Câu 6: The news about some recent disasters have been shown on TV.
A. have been                   
B. about
C. Recent                   
D. on
Câu 7: Neither Jane nor her friends is going shopping today
A. is                                
B. Neither                     
C. Friends                    
D. Shopping
Câu 8: Jenny wrote a five-pages report on the Vietnam War
A. five-pages               
B. wrote                        
C. Vietnam War         
D. on
Câu 9: Tom as well as his dog are here now .
A. dog                           
B. as well as                 
C. are                             
D. now
Câu 10: ordered  the  man  don’t  remove  his hands  from  the  steering wheel.
A. from                         
B. his hands                 
C. don’t                        
D. ordered
Câu 11: The police say that they had reacted as fast as they could.
A. could                         
B. had reacted              
C. say                             
D. fast
Câu 12: What a pity! I have to look at my little brother, so I can't go to the cinema tonight.
A. look at                     
B. what a pity              
C. can’t go                   
D. to night
Câu 13: I’d prefer doing the work by myself because other people often make me nervous.
A. nervous                   
B. doing                        
C. make                        
D. by myself
Câu 14: Kate welcomed his teachers  with a lot of  warm  and friendliless
A. with                          
B. teachers                    
C. welcomed               
D. warm
Câu 15: Even though Martha is a European, but she enjoys Tet holiday in Viet Nam.

A. enjoys                      
B. is a                             
C. but                            
D. in
Câu 16: They listened to their teacher carefully, as they understood the lesson easily.
A. listened to               
B. as                               
C. easily                        
D. carefully
Câu 17: We didn’t receive Mary’s email since he moved to  London  last month.
A. moved                     
B. to                               
C. last month               
D. didn’t receive
Câu 18: Sleeping well is as important to good health as to eat well.
A. health                       
B. to                               
C. well                           
D. to eating
Câu 19: The traffic lights were on red or she didn’t stop last night.
A. didn’t stop              
B. or                               
C. traffic lights            
D. on
Câu 20: Nam with  his friends  are watching a football match on television at the moment.
A. a                                 
B. on                              
C. his                             
D. are watching
Câu 21: If there are too much exhaust fume in the air, our breathing will  be badly affected.
A. the air                       
B. are                             
C. badly affected        
D. exhaust fume
Câu 22: What I told her a few days ago were not the solutions  to most of her problems.
A. to                               
B. were                          
C. What I told her      
D. most of
Câu 23: Preserving natural resources mean reserving them for our future.
A. for                             
B. preserving                
C. reserving                  
D. mean
Câu 24: She asked me how did I go to work every day.
A. to work                    
B. everyday                  
C. asked                        
D. how did I go
Câu 25: Physics are very difficult for students to learn.
A. are                             
B. for                             
C. difficult                    

D. to learn

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