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Exercise 10. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza was a monument of wisdom and prophecy built as a tomb for Pharaoh Cheops in 2720 B.C. Despite its antiquity, certain aspects of its construction make it one of the truly great wonders of the world. The thirteen-acre structure near the Nile River is a solid mass of stone blocks covered with limestone. Inside are a number of hidden passageways and the burial chamber for the Pharaoh. It is the largest single structure in the world. The four sides of the pyramid are aligned almost exactly on true north, south, east, and west – an incredible engineering feat. The ancient Egyptians were sun worshipers and great astronomers, so computations for the Great Pyramid were based on astronomical observations.
Explorations and detailed examinations of the base of the structure reveal many intersecting lines. Further scientific study indicates that these represent a type of timeline of events – past, present, and future. Many of the events have been interpreted and found to coincide with known facts of the past. Others are prophesied for future generations and are currently under investigation. Many believe that pyramids have supernatural powers, and this one is no exception. Some researchers even associate it with extraterrestrial beings of the ancient past. Was this superstructure made by ordinary beings, or one built by a race far superior to any known today?
118. The word “intersecting” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ____.
A. crossing                 
B. aligning                  
C. observing                           
D. cutting
119. What do the intersecting lines in the base symbolise?
A. Architects' plans for the hidden passages.
B. Pathways of the great solar bodies.
C. Astrological computations.
D. Dates of important events taking place throughout time.
120. The word "prophesied” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ____.
A. affiliated                
B. precipitated            
C. terminated              
D. foretold
121. Extraterrestrial beings are ____.
A. very strong workers                                   
B. astronomers in the ancient times
C. researchers in Egyptology                         
D. living beings from other planets
122. What is the best title for the passage?
A. Symbolism of the Great Pyramid
B. Problems with the Construction of the Great Pyramid
C. Wonders of the Great Pyramid of Giza
D. Exploration of the Burial Chamber of Cheops
Exercise 11. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
The coaches at the Uluru Sunset Viewing Area were parked three deep. Guides were putting up tables and setting out wines and snacks. Ten minutes to go. Are we ready? Five minutes, folks. Got your cameras? OK, here it comes ...
Whether an American backpacker or a wealthy traveller, Danish, British, French, we all saw that sunset over Uluru, or Ayer Rock, in what seems to be the prescribed tourist manner: mouth full of corn chips, glass full of Château Somewhere, and a loved one posing in a photo's foreground, as the all-time No 1 Australian icon behind us glowed briefly red.
Back on the coach, our guide declared our sunset to be 'pretty good', although not the best she'd witnessed in her six years. Behind me, Adam, a student from Manchester, reinserted his iPod earphones: 'Well, that's enough of that rock.' Indeed. Shattered from getting up at five in order to see Uluru at dawn, I felt empty and bored. What was the point? What made this rock the definitive sunset rock event? Why had we come here? Well, I suppose my sons would remember it always. Except they'd missed the magical moment while they checked out a rival tour group's snack table, which had better crisps.
So now I've visited four of the “25 Wonders of the World", as decreed by Rough Guides. And I think this will be the last. While in my heart I can see myself wondering enchanted through China's Forbidden City, in my head I know I would be standing grumpily at the back of a group listening to some Imperial Palace Tour Guide. At the Grand Canyon I would be getting angr with tourists watching it through cameras – eyes are not good enough, since they lack a recording facility.
As we become richer and consumer goods are more widely affordable, and satisfy us only briefly before becoming obsolete, we turn to travel to provide us with 'experiences. These will endure, set us apart from stay-at-home people and maybe, fill our lives with happiness and meaning, Books with helpful titles like 1,000 Places to See Before You Die are bestsellers. I'd bet many backpacks on the Machu Picchu Inca Trail are filled with copies, with little tieks penciled in the margins after each must-see sight has been visited. Travel is now the biggest industry on the planet, bigger than armaments or pharmaceuticals. And yet viewing the main sight of any destination is rarely the highlight of a trip. Mostly it sits there on your itinerary like a duty visit to a dull relative. The guilt of not visiting the Sistine Chapel, because we preferred to stay in a bar drinking limoncello, almost spoilt a weekend in Rome.
In Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef reproached us. How could we travel 15,000 miles without seeing it? How would we explain back home that we were too lazy, and preferred to stay playing a ball game in our hotel pool? In the end, we went to the reef and it was fine. But it won't rank highly in the things I'll never forget about Australia. Like the fact that the banknotes are made of waterproof plastic: how gloriously Australian is that? Even after a day's surfing, the $50 note you left in your surfing shorts is still OK to buy you beer! And the news item that during a recent tsunami warning, the surfers at Bondi Beach refused to leave the sea: what, and miss the ride of their lives? Or the stern warning at the hand luggage X-ray machine at Alice Springs airport: "No jokes must be made whilst being processed by this facility' - to forestall, no doubt, disrespectful Aussie comments: 'You won't find the bomb, mate. It's in my suitcase.’
The more I travel, the clearer it seems that the truth of a place is in the tiny details of everyday life, not in its most glorious statues or scenery. Put down your camera, throw away your list, the real wonders of the world number indefinitely more than 25.
123. What does the author mean by the prescribed tourist mannerin paragraph 2?
A. They are all backpackers.
B. They are all wealthy travellers.
C. They are all interested in seeing the wonders of the world.
D. They all eat, drink and do the same things at the sites of the world wonders.
124. What did the author think or feel after seeing the sunset over Ayer Rock?
A. She thought it was pretty good.
B. She felt exhausted, empty, and bored.
C. She thought that was enough.
D. She thought this rock was the definitive sunset rock event.
125. Why does she think that Uluru is probably the last 'wonder of the world' she will see?
A. She doesn't like wandering around the wonders.
B. She doesn't enjoy the Imperial Palace Tour Guide.
C. She doesn't like watching the wonder through a camera.
D. She doesn't want to explore the sites the way people around her do.
126. What kind of tourists is she criticising when she says 'eyes are not good enough' in paragraph 4?
A. those who stand grumpily at the back of the group
B. those who wander enchanted through the site
C. those who look at the wonders through their cameras
D. those who lack a recording facility
127. According to the author, what do a lot of backpackers carry with them nowadays?
A. books with helpful titles                            
B. books that are bestsellers
C. copies of must-see sights                           
D. little pencils
128. The author compares visiting the main tourist sights to ____.
A. armaments                                                 
B. Pharmaceuticals
C. a trip highlight                                           
D. a duty visit to a dull relative
129. What does she mean by `the Great Barrier Reef reproached us' in paragraph 6?
A. The Great Barrier Reef is worth visiting if you are in Australia.
B. It is fine to visit the Great Barrier Reef when you are in Australia.
C. It seems wrong not to visit the Great Barrier Reef once you are in Australia.
D. The Great Barrier Reef is an unforgettable sight in Australia.
130. All of the following are mentioned in the article as memorable aspects of Australia EXCEPT ____.
A. banknotes made of waterproof plastic
B. the fine visit to the Great Barrier Reef
C. the surfers at Bondi Beach refusing to leave the sea despite tsunami warning
D. the stern warning at the hand luggage X-ray machine at Alice Springs airport.


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