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Đề thi môn Tiếng Anh
Sở GD & ĐT Bình Dương



NĂM HỌC: 2020 - 2021

Môn: Tiếng Anh

Có thể bạn quan tâm


(Thí sinh ghi các chữ cái (A, B, C, D) vào phiếu trả lời từ câu 1 đến câu 65.)

Listening (2.0 points):

Part 1: Listen and choose the correct answer (A, B, or C). You will hear the recording two times.

1. What does the boy need to turn off first of all?

A. His radio.

B. His music.

C. His television

2. What does the boy need to do with his dog?

A. He needs to kiss it.

B. He needs to help it study.

C. He needs to put it outside.

3. What is the name of the dog?

A. Spot.

B. Scar.

C. Simba.

4. What does his mother give him?

A. An orange and a banana.

B. A glass of chocolate milk.

C. An apple and a glass of water.

5. What else does the boy need to turn off?

A. The internet.

B. His phone.

C. The air-conditioner.

Part 2: Listen and choose the correct answer (A, B, or C). You will hear the recording two times.

6. When did the man lose his job?

A. Three weeks ago.

B. A month ago

C. Two months ago

7. What happened last week?

A. His wife lost the car.

B. His car was stolen.

C. The car stopped working.

8. What does the woman say about her older car?

A. She is not using it now.

B. She also lost it last week.

C. She sold it for $2500.

9. What does the woman's older car need?

A. It needs new windows.

B. It needs a new oil change.

C. It needs a new door.

10. What does the woman want for the car?

A. Ice cream.

B. Peach pies.

C. Chocolate cakes.

Reading (3.0 points): Read the passage below earefully and fill in each blank with the correct option A, B, C, or D.

Ways to improve your English by yourself

Virginia Lang, an Australian English teacher, shares her tips on improving your English by yourself.

First, change the language settings on your devices such as phones or laptops to (11)____ It forces you to think in English all the time and it will help you to (12)____ more quickly.

Second, read with your passions. Read something you are interested (13)____. If you're into sport, read a sports magazine. When you read, read actively and consider the tools that you can use while reading. Highlighters are great for highlighting new words (14)____ you do not know. Have a good online dictionary or a good paper dictionary so that you can check the definition and put it to memory as well.

Third, listen to podcasts and watch videos and television in English. You should also write down or say aloud summaries of what you (15)____ heard or watched.

(Adapted from www.abc.net.au)


A. Italian

B. French

C. Vietnamese

D. English


A. improving

B. improved

C. improve

D. improvement


A. in

B. at

C. on

D. up


A. which

B. whom

C. who

D. whose


A. can

B. will

C. have

D. are

Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct option A, B, C, or D.

Step 1: Make your own cleaning products. Doing this will reduce the use of plastics because you are reusing plastic containers to hold the cleaning products.

Step 2: Use cloth bags at the grocery store and for all your grocery needs. If you don't have a cloth bag with you when you are shopping, ask yourself if you need a bag at all.

Step 3: Buy energy-saving devices. They may cost more but you will save money because they use less energy. Replace regular bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. You pay a little more, but the life of the bulb is significantly longer.

Step 4: Set up compost bins. Add fewer things to the landfill sites by composting your kitchen scraps. All plant-derived foods, coffee grounds and tea leaves can be composted. Have small containers in your home to place them in. Use this rich fertile soil in the garden.

Step 5: Grow an organic garden. If you don't have the space or time to grow a garden, shop locally and support local farmers.

Step 6: Reduce the use of car travel. Consider using public transportation, walking, and bike riding to get to where you want to go. If you must travel by car, shop for a fuel-efficient vehicle.

(Adapted from www.ehow.com)

16. What can be the best title for the passage?

A. When to Save the World

B. How to Make Your Home Safer

C. How to Protect the Earth

D. When to Make Your Life Better

17. According to paragraph 1, why should you create your own cleaning products?

A. Because this can help decrease the number of plastic containers.

B. Because making your own cleaning products can save you money.

C. Because your own cleaning products are better for the environment.

D. Because it will protect your family from harmful cleaning products.

18. What does the word "energy-efficient in paragraph 3 mean?

A. using little energy

B. saving almost no energy

C. wasting much energy

D. consuming a lot of energy

19. What does the word "them" in paragraph 4 refer to?

A. Compost bins

B. The landfill sites

C. Small containers in your home

D. Plant-derived foods, coffee grounds and tea leaves

20. According to paragraph 4, which of the following can be composted?

A. Coffee tables

B. Shoes

C. Vegetables

D. Cloth bags

21. According to paragraph 6, what should you do to reduce the use of car travel?

A. Go on foot.

B. Travel by air.

C. Avoid using public transportation.

D. Buy a powerful vehicle.

Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct option A, B, C, or D.

The Secrets of Sleep

Research by the National Sleep Foundation in Washington says that we all need eight hours sleep every night. Scientists have found that people who sleep for less than six and a half hours a night are more often ill than people who sleep for eight hours. Going without sleep also increases the chance of serious illness. People who sleep for less than five hours often die young, and do less well at work.

The scientists found that, on average, adults sleep for seven hours a night, with thirty-two percent sleeping less than six hours. It also says that the idea that we need less sleep as we get older is completely untrue. “People have no idea how important sleep is to their lives," Dr Thomas Roth, director of the Foundation says. “Good health needs good sleep."

“But not too much of it,” says Professor Jim Horne of Loughborough University. “Sleep is like food and drink” he believes: “you would always like to have a little bit more, but that doesn't mean you need it." Professor Horne studied a group of people who could spend as many hours as they wanted in bed; after ten hours they didn't find it any easier to get up in the morning. And people who sleep for more than nine hours a night die younger than people who usually sleep for seven or eight!

(Adapted from "New Cutting Edge, Pre-intermediate” by Cunningham, Moor, Carr)

22. What does the word "serious" in paragraph 1 mean?

A. bad or dangerous

B. important and valuable

C. unimportant or unnecessary

D. unique and impressive

23. According to the scientists in the passage, how long do most adults sleep on average?

A. For no more than six hours a night.

B. For less than six and a half hours a night.

C. For seven hours a night.

D. For more than nine hours a night.

24. What does the word “they” in paragraph 3 refer to?

A. Adults who sleep for seven hours a night

B. Adults who sleep for less than five hours a night

49. He_____ the guitar since he was twelve years old.

A. played

B. plays

C has played

D. was playing

50. Yesterday was so much fun,____?

A. was it

B. wasn't it

C. were they

D. weren't they

51. We should fine anyone who uses______to catch fish.

A. electrify

B. electric

C. electrical

D. electricity

52. Confidence is the key to his ____

A. succeed

B success

C. successful

D. successfully

53. The______of professional sports has been increasing recently.

A popular

B. popularly

C. popularize

D. popularity

54. The_____generous and caring man was sadly missed by everyone when he was gone.

A considerate

B. interactive

C. disappointing

D. exhausting

55. We've reached our goal of $100,000 ____the help of the public.

A. in spite

B thanks to

C. in addition

D. even though

56. He_____the birthday cake into eight pieces.

A comprised

B. examined

C. controlled

D. divided

57._____at lectures is compulsory. If students miss a class, they lose some points.

A. Attendance

B. Association

C. Entrance

D. Scholarship

58. I ____watch any television because I spend most of my time on my laptop.

A. generally

B. usually

C. hardly

D. occasionally

59. Tet is the most important_____in Vietnamese culture.

A. movement

B. assignment

C. celebration

D. condition

60. One of the many ____of foreign travel is learning how to cope with problems.

A. experience

B. inventions

C benefits

D. interaction

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions.

61. He said to her, "I'll phone you tomorrow."

A. He promised that he would phone you tomorrow

B. He promised that he would phone you the day after.

C. He promised that he would phone her the day after.

62. Walt Disney Animation Studios produced Frozen II in 2019.

A. Frozen II was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2019.

B. Frozen II was being produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2019.

C.Frozen II had been produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2019.

63. I can't sleep at night when I drink much coffee.

A. I can sleep at night if I drink much coffee.

B. If I can't sleep at night, I drink much coffee.

C. If I drink much coffee, I can't sleep at night.

64. I wish we had more money to buy a larger house.

A. We would have bought a larger house if we had had more money

B. We might buy a larger house if we had more money.

C. We can buy a larger house if we have more money.

65. I tried to look happy in spite of feeling disappointed.

A. When I tried to look happy, I felt disappointed.

B. I felt disappointed, but I tried to look happy.

C. I tried to look happy because I felt disappointed.

V. Writing (1 point)

Write a letter of about 80 to 120 words to your pen pal about the type of clothes that you like to wear the most and explain why you like it.

You must begin your letter with "Dear John," and end it with the name "Alex". You must not use your real name in tests.

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