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   (Sangkiengiaovien.com) Tiếng Anh 9: Period 1: REVISION
·        Objective: 
 - By the end of the lesson,Ss will be able to remind the forms, the uses  of tense or vocabulary  they’ve learnt.
·        Language focus:
1.     Vocabulary:
2.     Grammar:
·        Teaching aids:   lesson plan, sub-board,…
·        Procedure:
1.  Present perfect  tense:
- Call Ss to remind, ask Ss to make examples and then give the form and the uses.
a) Use: 
b)  Form:  Have/ Has + P2
c) Example:
           We have learnt English for 2 years / since 2008.
           Have you ever been to Boston?
           I haven’t met Mi Tam yet.
* Note: The P.P tense often goes with” for, since, never, ever, just, already…”
2. Past progressive tense:
? How is the past progressive verb formed?
? What is it used for?
- Ask Ss to give the uses, the form and then make some examples with positive, negative and affirmative.
a) Use: to express an action that waas happening in definite time in the past.
b) Form:  Was/ Were + V.ing
c) Example: 
             I was reading an English book at 5 pm yesterday.
            They weren’t playing tennis at that time last Sunday.
3. Passive form:
- Ask Ss to write the form of passive on the board
          FORM:    Be + P2
Ex:   The book was bought for me by my mother
- Call Ss rremind the rules of changing from active to passive
* Note: There are tenses in  active, we also have tenses in passive.
4. Reported Speech:
? Some kinds of reported speech
* Statement: S + said +( that) + S + V ( lui thi)…
* Yes / No question:  S + asked + if/whether + S + V ( lui thi)…
* Requests:   S + asked / told + O + to-V …
Note: Verbs in reported speech, we must move a tense back
5. Modal verbs:
- Call Ss to name some modal verbs they have learnt and distinguish the to use these modal verbs: must, can could, may, ought to, should,…
( Especially, to make requests, offers, …)
6. Comparision:
- Comparision with “ like, ( not) as…as, ( not) the same as, different from,…”
Ex: English is different from Math.
- Comparative and superlative Adj.
7. Adverbs of place and adverbs of manner in English sentence;
- Adverbs of place
- Adverbs of manner
8. Requests:
- Would / Do you mind + V.ing…?
- Would / Do you mind if…?
9. Other structures:
a) Enough:
- Call a student to write the strusture with “ enough”:
                   S + be ( not) + Adj + enough + to-verb…
b) In order to / so as to: -> adverbs of purpose
c) Verb forms: + “ed” and “ ing” participles
                     + verb + to-verb
                     + question word befope to-infinitive
II. Test yourself:
*  Multiple choice: Choose the best answer:
1, My mother showed me how __________ clothes.
 a. to make            
b. making             
c. make                           
d. made
2, These houses __________ 100 years ago
 a. are built            
b. built                          
c. were built                    
d. build
3, Our teacher asked us __________ we liked to go camping in the coming festival.
 a. whether if                  
b. if                       
c. what                                     
d. if whether
4, My family has decided __________ DaLat in the summer.
 a. to visit              
b. visit                            
c. visited                         
d. visits
5, I always remember ___________ off the light before going to bed.
a. turn                  
b. turning              
c. to turn                         
d. turned
6, Life in the city is different __________ life in the country.
a. with                 
b. of                      
c. from                           
d. to
7, I prefer tea ___________ coffe.
a. rather                
b. than                            
c. more                           
8, The fresh air in the countryside is good for our __________ .
 a. healthy             
b. health                
c. healthful                     
d. healthily
9, My computer hasn’t __________ since last week.
 a. worked             
b. work                 
c. working                      
d. works
10, Are you ____________ in detective films?
a. interested                  
b. interesting                   
c. interest                       
d. interests
1A, 2C, 3B, 4A, 5C, 6C, 7D, 8B, 9A, 10A.
III. Consolidation:
- Introduce English 9 to Ss in general.

1)     pre – teach Vocabulary:
(to) correspond  (v) [,kɔris'pɔnd] : trao đổi
a mosque  (n) [mɔsk] :  nhà thờ hồi giáo
(to) impress  (v) [im'pres] :  có ấn tượng
(to) be impress (v) :  bị ấn tượng
(to) pray (v) [prei] :    cầu nguyện
peaceful  (adj) ['pi:sfl] :   thanh bình
atmosphere  (n) ['ætməsfiə] :  bầu khí quyển, không khí

(to) depend  (v) [di'pend] : on somebody : cần ai cho mục đích gì  
(to) keep in touch  (v) :  giữ quan hệ
2)     Open – predition:
Lan’s Malaysia pen pal came to visit her in Ha noi. Can guessing where she went and what she did during her stay ?
+ Ask Ss to read the text to check their prediction and add some more imformation and correct option to complete the sentences on page 7.
·        Answers:
1)     lan and Maryam usually write to one another every two week.
2)     Maryam was impressed because HN people were friendly.
3)     The girls went to see famous places in HN, areas for recreation, aplace of workship.
4)     Maryam wanted to invite lan to Kualalumpar.
·        Speaking:
Cues:  + LangCo beach => Swimming beach in Hue.
+ BachMa – Natinal park  => mountain climbing / ecological tour.
+ LinhMu – Pagoda, TuDuc tomb => sightseeing / beautiful sight.
( Using the patterns).
S1: I think we should take our friends to Dong Ba market. We can do shopping or I’ll just introduce them a VietNames market.
S2: Good idea! I belive they will be interested in it .
+ Ask Ss to write a short paragraph about what they have just discussed with their partner.

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