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(Sangkiengiaovien.com) On the other hand, fire has been used by men, especially of the modern age, to destroy men. In every human battle in the past fire was used to destroy the enemy. 

A frightening experience
Discuss "fire is a good servant but a bad master"
How man first learnt to use fire is still unknown, but it is known that even the most primitive man, centuries ago, found it to be of great service to him as it is to us today. Man, in his early days, did not cook his food. He ate everything raw, including meat and fish. But the discovery of fire changed his eating habits completely. He now learnt to cook his food; and, when he found that cooked food was more delicious, fire became an important thing in his life. 
    Fire also gave the early man warmth and light. Even in his scanty clothes he could keep himself warm in his cave on rainy or cold nights. His cave was no longer dark and he could move about freely at night. Further, fire gave him protection from wild beasts, and his life was more secure than it was before. In fact, fire, like water and air, became indispensable to man; and, today, we use fire for a diversity of purposes. We use it even to operate machinery to produce goods. 
   But fire has to be kept under strict control, for its capacity to destroy his great. Once it is out of control, it will destroy life and property at tremendous speed and the world has lost things worth millions of dollars because of fire. And, people often use fire's enormous capacity to great advantage. They use it to burn thousands of acres of forest and grow crops: As a result, we now find green fields where once there were forests. 

    On the other hand, fire has been used by men, especially of the modern age, to destroy men. In every human battle in the past fire was used to destroy the enemy. Even today, thousands of people.in many parts of the world are being destroyed by fire; and, when furious men try to make the best use of fire's extreme anger, misery is hard to avoid. lt then reigns supremes. Innocent people, young and old, must die in thousands. It is, therefore, true to say that, "fire is a good servant, but a bad master". 
1. scanty (adj): ít ỏi, thiẽu, không đủ
2. indispensable (adj): tuyệt đối cần thiẽt, không thể thiếu được
3. diversity (n): tính đa dạng
4. out of control: vượt ngoài tầm kiểm soát
5. tremendous (adj): ghê gớm, kinh khủng, khủng khiếp, dữ dội
6. acre (n): mẫu Anh (khoảng 0.4 hecta)
7. furious (adj): giận dữ
8. supreme (adj): tột đỉnh, tối cao
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